Why and how should we clean new clothes?

The experts reveal the necessity to wash up the new clothes

We have to clean the new garment before use it, it is more important that it seems. We have to do it not just for hygienic reasons but healthy too. The doctor Philip M. Tierno once advertise us from the micro-organisms that live in our sheets. Now he corroborate an study about the necessity to clean the new clothes before use it. Then, why and how should we clean new clothes?

When we get a new garment, probably, someone have already tried it on, surely more than one person. So it is so easy to find germs and bacterias that have been in contacta with another people.

The bigger part of the clothing chains have their industries in developing countries. So we cannot know the conditions which the clothes are made of and how it is exported. That’s why there’s not just bacterias from people of our region but foreign ones. That can cause important healthy issues.

What can we found in that clothes if we don’t wash them up?

Maria del Carmen Romero, who is a doctor in Biological Science, a Microbiology expert and a teacher from the International University of la Rioja, says that in the clothes we can find even fecal microorganisms. Clothes microorganisms, if they are not eliminated and touch our skin, are able to provoke infections.

Although the possibilities to develop an infectious disease by use a “dirty” garment are low, they increase when they are in contact with a wound or a sore. If it’s underwear what we are talking about the probabilities increase even more.

Some of the more common skin deseases by use new garment without clean them up are viral warts, fungi, molluscs and allergic reactions. It can also be the case of getting lice and crabs.

How we have to clean clothes to eliminate these bacterias and organisms?

To eliminate everything that can cause an infection on our skin it is not enough to clean the clothes at 20 neither at 40 degrees. The bigger part of the microorganisms can reproduce them at that temperature, so that temperature isn’t hot enough.

The first wash have to be at 60 degrees a a minimum. In that way we can be sure that we eliminate everything that we do not want in our clothes. The best way to be sure that all the dead bacterias are gone is, after the wash, tend them outdoors to the sun.

Another tip is leave them in water with cider vinegar and bicarbonate, then every organism will be erased. This tip is also perfect to clean up that clothes we can’t wash up in hot water as wool and delicate garments.