5 things you should NEVER microwave

You love your microwave. We all do. It’s almost impossible to imagine our lives without it. It saves us time, and seems one of the best discoveries ever.

Not in vain, some microwave ads from the 80’s described it as an energy saver and the “greatest cooking discovery since fire”. And we completely agree.

But there’s still certain things you should NEVER microwave. And we really mean NEVER. You’d be seriously risking your health. And you could even set your house on fire.

You should never microwave anything other than food

Ever put your socks in the microwave? Experts agree it’s a terrible idea. It’s actually a very dangerous practice, and one of the easiest ways to set your kitchen on fire.

Clothes, and especially those with synthetic fibers, are not supposed to be heated in the microwave, as they could catch fire quite fast.

Heating pads and other garments should never go in the microwave either. Remember: only food in there to keep it safe.

Plus, heating your socks in the microwave could contaminate the interior and the food you put inside later on.

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