The 5 best medicinal plants to help you sleep

Nature is wise. And although in severe cases of stress and insomnia we shall need to visit a doctor and use prescripted drugs, plants and herbs can help us relax in our daily life. Find out about 5 of the best medicinal plants to help you sleep and reduce stress and use all the power in nature to live a healthier life.


medicinal plants to help you sleep

Chamomile is one of the most popular herbs in the world, and also one of the best medicinal plants to help you sleep. Every grandmother has a big box of chamomile infusions in the kitchen.

No wonder, since its properties are well known. If you can’t sleep because of some pain, chamomile is your plant. It helps soothe your stomach, your muscular pain and your headaches.

Plus, it’s also great to reduce gum inflammation. That’s why it’s such a good remedy for little children when their teeth come out.


medicinal plants to help you sleep

Without a doubt, passionflower is one of the best medicinal plants to helo you sleep. Thanks to its soothing properties, passionflower reduces our blood pressure, our heart rate and relaxes our muscles.

You can find this plant in most sleeping infusions. Take one each night, before going to bed, and you’ll get rid of your stress and fall asleep more easily.


medicinal plants to help you sleep

Many are the properties of eucalyptus, one of the medicinal plants that can help us relax and sleep better.

This plant is especially good when we’re suffering from a cold, the flu or some allergies, as it’s very effective treating respiratory affections. But you can also make some good use of it through cosmetics.

A hot shower with eucalyptus gel will instantly relax you thanks to its powerful aroma. Your blood pressure will lower and you’ll sleep much better.


medicinal plants to help you sleep

Lavender is one of the most beautiful flowers, and its smell is pleasant and unique. This medicinal plant has sedative properties and using it at night will help you forget the stress you accumulated throughout the day.

Shower gels, essential oils… there’s many different formats with which we can take advantage of soothing lavender. And, of course, you can also find it in most sleeping infusions.

California poppy

medicinal plants to help you sleep

For centuries, people have known about the extraordinary properties of the California poppy, one of the most widely used medicinal plants in the world. poppy is a powerful natural narcotic, and one of the best remedies against pain. strong medications such as morphine or codeine are based on poppies, as well as some drugs like opium.

You can consume poppy seeds in your salads. Or you can also try it in infusiones. But beware, because its sedative effect is very strong, so you should use it sparingly.