How to stretch shoes with a potato

A potato is the blister’s solution

How many times have we bought a pair of shoes thinking they will stretch out and stop to hurt? Sometimes it took some days, sometimes it took weeks until they stop to hurt your feet. The solution is near than you think, in your own kitchen. We teach you how to stretch shoes with a potato in just one night.

There are a lot of remedies for stretch out shoes and make them comfortable: apply cider vinegar to them, put them in the freeze with a plastic-bag full of water, with a hairdryer… But what is easier, confortable and more careful for the most delicate shoes is to use a potato.

How to use a potato to stretch the tip of the shoe:

Moister and pressure are the key to stretch the shoes. Some of that tips include botch characteristics are, for example, put paper diary with water inside the shoe. Although, this method isn’t recommendable for leather shoes.

Leather shoes must stay away from water and moister, that’s why the diary paper remedy is not a good way to stretch the shoes. Is neither a good way to stretch the shoes use cider vinegar because, just as water, it s a liquid.

A potato is the best way to stretch the shoes because, besides it contains liquid, it keeps the liquid inside of it and doesn’t damage the shoe.

You have to peel off the potato and wrap it with diary paper. Once it is wrapped you can put it inside the shoe and push it a bit to the tip. During the night, the potato will begin to dry out and stretch out the shoe, making in that way the tip bigger. It will remove the bad odor from the shoes. So it will make the shoes more comfortable and odor free.