How to make pancakes at home

Cook pancakes at home quick and easy

We tell you how to make pancakes at home, which ingredients do you need and with what can you serve them to make them always different. Pancakes are one of the most versatile foods. You can garrison it with whatever you want, doesn’t matter salty or sweet. Even we’ll teach you how to make them low-calorie and in high protein content.

To make the pancakes you will need:

-150 grams of flour.
-25 grams of sugar.
-2 eggs.
-50 grams of butter.
-200 milliliters of milk.
-12 grams of baking powder.
-A few drops of vanilla essence o chocolate powder.
-A pinch of salt.

The first step will be mix in a bowl the flour, the sugar, the baking powder, the salt and the chocolate powder -if you want them with chocolate flavor-. You have to mix in another bowl the eggs, the milk, the butter and the vanilla essence -if you want to give them a vanilla flavor-.

Once in each bowl you get two homogeneous substances, you must incorporate slowly the second bowl content into the first one. While you are putting the liquid materia into the dry materia, you have to mix the two substances to incorporate all the elements together.

It is important not to beat that much. You have to get a bubble mixture. You will have to beat just enough to preserve the bubbles but taking away the flour lumps. If there’s not bubbles in the mixture the pancakes won’t be soft and tender.

Where, how and how much it takes to cook

How to make pancakes sometimes can be hard. They often get burned or they still raw. It is important to make a good pancake that it won’t stick to pan, so you’ll have to use a non-stick surface.

You will have to put in the middle of the pan the quantity of mass that fits in a soup ladle. The mass will expand by itself enough, you do not have to do it for it. When the bubbles appear to the surface of the pancake will be the time to turn it.

It only takes 30 seconds per side to make the perfect pancake. If the bubbles do not appear in 30 seconds will means the heat is too low. On the other side, if it starts to burn before the bubbles appear will means the heat is too high.

How can we garrison the pancakes?

You can garrison a pancake almost with whatever you like. Besides is a sweet food, you can garrison with salty foods too.

The most common thing to garrison pancakes is with syrup and fruits as strawberries or bananas. But, besides that, to make them more unique you can garrison them with yogurt and berries if you want something sweet but different.

To make salty pancakes you won’t have to change the recipe of the pancakes, just the garrison. You can garrison the pancakes with bacon, french fries -or boiled potato for a healthier option- and some eggs. Even you can put some sausages or ham.

Make them high in protein and low-calorie

To increase the nutrition value you can add to the pancakes protein powder. You can find it in a lot of flavors, so you can gave them such a different and original scents. Also you will increase the protein and carbs on them. You can add to the mixture 10 grams of protein powder to them.

If you want to increase the fiber and make lower the calories in them you can use oat flour instead grain flour. Also you can use sweeteners besides sugar and natural products besides scents or concentrates.