How can we choose the perfect panettone?

How can we differentiate a good panettone from a bad one?

The panettone is one of the most typical sweets in the christmas season. Is one of the most famous christmas desserts as the christmas pudding. Just as the pudding, we can find them with a better or worse quality. Then, how can we choose the perfect panettone? We tell you how.

The quality of a good panettone can be given from big amount of factors. Natural ingredients and how much time have been wasted in the process are the key. One of the most evident factor is the price. We can’t achieve a good panettone which contains natural and fresh ingredients cheaply.

Its form is another way to perceive if a panettone is good even before buy it. It have to have a mushroom form. To get this form is so important calculate how much dough you put in the recipient. It have to fall down just a bit to get the mushroom silhouette.

The panettone have to be golden with a fine glazel in a hazelnut color. It may not have the glazel, but the panettone must be golden anyway.

We can know if a panettone is good by its scent too. The butter, the natural vanilla and the fruit it contains, if they are natural and fresh, they have such a characteristic scent. That’s why a good panettone cannot smell like industrial pastes.

The panettones texture have to be soft, fluffy and tender. It is not a cake neither a brioche, so it can’t be compact. It have to have a aireated and lightweight sensation, but not to the point it can’t fall apart easily. A good panettone have to feel like cotton.

“Some panettones looks oxigened and delicate but then, they don’t last too long in the mouth. The good ones are able to mix this delicateness with a good presence in the mouth. It have to be longlasting and persistent but soft” appoints the cake master Pere Camps.

“If it’s a good one it have to melt down in the mouth. It can’t be difficult to swallow” adds the pastry chef.